Reality Kings Review

If you are a fan of reality style hardcore porn, you must have heard of Reality Kings by now. They are at the very top of this kind of porn, right next to Brazzers. In fact, joining their site gives you access to 37 HD sites of all kinds of niches. You will find anything ranging from stepmoms and teen couples to hardcore lesbian threesomes and interracial sex. The Reality Kings network offers lots of amazing videos, you just have to join and take a look.


The brand of Reality Kings has been around since the year 2000. A couple of studs from Miami Beach founded the band in their dorm room. A couple of years later, they merged with the famous umbrella company that owns Brazzers as well. That means a lot of awesome porn for a low price, and that is exactly what you get.


To be honest, the quality of the porn is great. The girls are really hot and horny and the camera angles are awesome, the only thing that isn’t perfect is they reality fantasy. For example, MOFOS are much better at selling their scenes as real, even though everyone knows they are not. Apart from that, Reality Kings offers the best production, variety and interface options.


Porn can’t get much better than what Reality Kings offer, so if you want to save a substantial amount of cash, the annual membership is the best offer. If you’re still not sure about paying for an entire year, a monthly subscription will save you about 50% of your cash. So, you get top quality porn cheap, who can say no to that?


There is no doubt that Reality Kings is a major name in porn for more than ten years now. When you think of online adult entertainment, you always remember Reality Kings. The best part of their site is the amazing collection of exclusive content that is updated every day so it keeps growing exponentially.

The network has 37 premium websites in their offer and they are all well-connected with each other. As a user, you can search one site, or if you want, all of them together. You can find over 9,000 stunning girls on the sites, both newbies that are entering the industry as well as very famous veteran porn stars.

The feature that defines the Reality Kings network has to be their video library. Of course, you have a list of all available videos at the moment, but you can also find a very detailed schedule of future updates for weeks to come. That way, you will always know what is coming and when it’s coming. You can’t find that on other sites! Each user has unlimited access and that means you can either watch videos online, or download all those that catch your eye straight to your PC. The available formats are WMV, Flash, 1080p HD, MP4, mobile devices and so on. The online player provides thumbnails of each video so you can scroll to the part you want directly, without having to wait. As you can see, the Reality Kings network is all about the user!

The video collection is great, but you get lots of pictures to view as well. Just like the videos, you can view them online and you can download them in archives to your HDD. The resolution of the photos is 800×600, which is enough to capture all of the action. All of the content is filmed by the Reality Kings crew and team meaning you can’t find it anywhere else.

The Reality Kings network offers videos of all possible niches that porn offers including, teens, mature, big beautiful women, big boobs, gang bangs, group sex, and many more. You can also search for specifics like anal or oral sex. You can also search the model index for blondes, brunettes or redheads. The action is classic, but the settings are made to create the illusion that the background stories are real and genuine.

Reality kings might well be the only name in the industry that not only lets the user watch high-quality porn, it makes them feel like the situations are real and that they might happen in real life. Every porn production is trying to do that, but no one does it better than Reality Kings!

You need to take a look at their site and browse it for yourself to get the feel of their amazing site presentation, unlike any other on the internet. You might find a couple of videos that are not HD but they are pretty good as well. Usually, those are the earliest videos, when HD wasn’t available at all. Everyone likes the multi-site feature because it makes it impossible for users to get bored because they can always switch sites when that happens.

We said previously that you can download all the content, that is true, but the daily download limit is 10GB. That is more than you could watch in a day, and the limit exists only to stop digital piracy. By joining the Reality Kings network, you are sure you’re getting the best quality porn that other sites can’t even get close to. The point is that the Reality Kings network is the site to visit when you want to make sure you’re watching the best porn on the internet.